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Private Mortgage

GFS Capital is designed to assist agents that don't know where to place those difficult deals that are in need of private funding. With access to a network of private investors and mortgage investment companies (MICs), GFS Capital is sure to have a solution for you. Our private mortgage specialists will work diligently to put together a solution for your client's unique situation that is competitive to the market and fair in compensation to yourself.

First mortgage rates begin at 7.74%, second mortgage rates begin at 4.99% and line of credits begin at 10.29%

It is important to note that at GFS Capital your client remains YOUR client. Our mortgage specialists will act on your behalf as YOUR team to provide these solutions. A private mortgage, in most cases, is just a tool to accomplish your client's short term objectives. Once we've placed the private mortgage, you will resume the responsibility of securing further financing for your clients in one to two years.

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Private Mortgage

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